2012 / 1000 Copies / 23 x 33 cm / Hardcover / 41 full colour plates / English / Designed by Laurenz Brunner & Julia Born / 3D renderings by Thomas Traum / Edited by Frank van der Stok / Published by Kodoji Press / Printed by Calff&Meischke - Freek Kuin / ISBN 978-3-03747-045-9
Unfolded is a book that can function as an exhibition. The physical experience of walking through the exhibition route has been imitated playfully in the book with renderings, so that readers imagine themselves to be walking through the different rooms of the gallery. This book was issued at the occasion of the show Scheltens & Abbenes: Unfolded, at Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, The Netherlands, March 2012