2008 / 1500 copies / 23 x 30 cm / Glossy folded cover / 160 pages / Full color / English / Designed by Mevis & van Deursen / Text by Emily King / Editing & production by Frank van der Stok / Published by Veenman Publishers / Printed by Veenman Printers / Isbn 9789086901340
Overview book representing selected works of Scheltens & Abbenes's over a period of 10 years.

Nominated for Best Designed Dutch Books in 2008

In On Display they demonstrate the art of staging and reassembling objects into surreal miniature worlds. Their style is playful and highly personalized and their work ranges from art pieces to applied projects and editorial commissions. Rearranged and re-edited for this glossy-book, the photographs in On Display represent an overview of Scheltens & Abbenes's work of ten years. Alongside commissions from Vitra and Nike, Fantastic Man and Wallpaper, it also includes work for gallery's and museums. An essay by Emily King reflects on Scheltens & Abbenes's multi-layered constructions and cross-references the worlds of fashion, design, architecture, painting, photography and graphics.